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African Americans
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African-American History

Slavery in America -
Colonies, Triangle Trade, Plantations

Underground Railroad

Civil War

Jim Crow Laws

Harlem Renaissance

Civil Rights Movement

Kwanzaa PowerPoint (Donn)

Our Lessons

Civil Rights Movement: Segregation (Lesson Plan (2-3 days) with Supporting Material (Original Stories: 1935 Back of the Bus, 1945 Welcome Home, 1955 Rosa Parks)

All About Kwanzaa

Harlem Renaissance/ Poetry of Langston Hughes (3-4 days, see also Poetry Slam)

Lesson Idea: CELEBRATE Black History - African American Awareness Month

  • First, have the kids each create a BioBoard (a mini bulletin board) about a famous African American. Hang the finished bioboards in your classroom. Do this towards the end of Jan, or during the first week in Feb.

  • Meet the "Boards" - Select one or two "boards" per class, all month long. Have each author introduce their "friend" - whoever they selected to feature on their bioboard - to the class. Each presentation should be about 1-2 minutes. (When you present your "friend", pretend you know them. Introduce your friend with warmth and delight. Use words like Honor, Courage, Generosity of Spirit, Talent, Success, Achievement)